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MP3, MP4 and MP5 players

Nowadays, many people listen to music and watch videos using smartphones and various streaming platforms and websites, such as Spotify and YouTube. 

However, the MP3 - MP4 audio-video player remains one of the best, most reliable and practical ways of doing this while enjoying high-resolution sound and video that most other devices can't provide.

What is an MP3 player? 

MP3 players are portable devices that can be used to listen to various audio files in MP3 format, whether songs, podcasts, audio books or any other audio file. They can store a lot of data and can be connected to other devices via USB or Wi-Fi.

MP3 players for cars 

In general, MP3 players do not require an Internet connection, so they can be used anywhere. This is a very practical feature that makes them a good way of listening to any type of high-resolution audio in MP3 format in the car. They can easily be connected to the car's audio system via any MP3 car adapter, Bluetooth or FM transmitters. 

Waterproof MP3 players 

Waterproof MP3 players are devices designed to enable them to play any high-resolution audio in mp3 format while in contact with water without the risk of being damaged. It's a great, practical feature that makes for a better underwater experience. This is particularly useful for swimmers who like to listen to music while training.

What is an MP4 player? 

MP4 players are portable devices that can play audio files as well as video files and other content such as images and subtitles in MP4 format. They have the same features as MP3 players, plus LCD screens that display high-quality video files. Thanks to Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), the audio resolution of MP4 is higher than that of MP3. 

Bluetooth MP4 player 

Some MP4 devices such as the Sony mp4 player have a very useful feature which is the ability to be connected wirelessly to other devices such as Bluetooth speakers, certain types of smart TVs, computers and various car audio systems via Bluetooth, allowing for a much better experience thanks to the high resolution audio and video provided by MP4 formats.

What is an MP5 player? 

The MP5 player represents a more advanced device than the MP3 - MP4 audio-video player, due to the additional features that have been incorporated to keep pace with the evolution of multimedia technologies. Some of these features include the fact that it can play any format, expand memory capacity (thanks to SD and MMC card slots) and record videos using a DV camera. 

Choosing the right media player 

Knowing the difference between MP3, MP4 and MP5 players and their features allows you to make a more informed decision when choosing the media player that best suits your specific needs, such as the file format you use most.

Be sure to browse our collection of high-quality portable media devices and buy a cheap mp4 player or other versions of media players that will meet all your expectations.