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Refrigerators and freezers

These days, there are many types of fridge and freezer available on the market, and it's up to customers to opt for the right type that has all the criteria that are most important to them. There are many elements that differentiate them, such as: size, storage space and style.

 For those looking for the best fridge and freezer, we've put together a useful guide to make the decision easier. 

Fridge with French doors.  

This is a top-of-the-range product ideal for large families. The fridge has two doors that open to reveal a considerable capacity with large compartments that can accommodate all types of food storage containers as well as various shelves and bins. The same goes for the freezer drawer, which is smaller and located at the bottom. They also usually have ice and water dispensers on the outside.

Side-by-side refrigerator.

For a larger freezer capacity or less clearance for smaller areas, this type is an ideal choice. It also has side doors, one on the side of the fridge and a slightly narrower one on the side of the freezer. It has a good capacity and different types of customisable storage. It also has external ice and water dispensers. Our catalogue includes freezer fridges of this type from Samsung and Bosch.

Top freezer refrigerators.

This is a classic model that has a freezer at the bottom and a larger fridge underneath, each with its own door. This type has a range of prices and extra features that can vary from brand to brand and model to model. It gives more convenient access to the freezer and generally offers a considerable amount of storage. 

Bottom-freezer refrigerators.

This type is simply the opposite of the previous one. The fridge is on top and the freezer compartment is underneath, each with its own door. Like the last type, there are many models available with different features and the basic price is reasonable. Beko 1-door refrigerators are popular.

Multi-door refrigerator.

This model has a unique look with two doors for the freezer at the bottom and two doors for the fridge on top. It offers plenty of organisational options thanks to its flexible storage elements. It also offers easy access to the products in the different sections. 

What to look for in a fridge and freezer.

There are a number of factors to consider when making the right choice. 

  • Storage space
  • Size to match the layout of the kitchen
  • Design to match the decorating style
  • Storage organisation
  • Additional features

Now that you know some of the best types of fridges and freezers available on the market and can make a much more informed decision, make sure you take a look at the diverse and high quality collection we offer and get the best model.

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