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Extractor hood

The extractor hood is an essential piece of kitchen equipment that removes odours, smoke and grease from the kitchen. It protects furniture and surfaces from grease deposits and fumes and keeps the air clean and fresh. There are different types of cooker hood, each with its own specific features. The right cooker hood will give you a better quality of life and keep your home clean.

Built-in cooker hood

This model is usually installed on top of the hob and is defined by its sleek design. This allows it to blend perfectly into your kitchen, whatever your decor. 

Decorative hood

The function of decorative cooker hoods is mainly aesthetic, their purpose is to decorate your kitchen. They can be made from a variety of materials such as stainless steel, tempered glass, wood, ceramic and many others to suit the style of your kitchen. 

Inclined cooker hood

An inclined extractor hood provides more efficient suction. In fact, the tilt simply means that vapours and odours are captured more effectively, resulting in greater suction efficiency than with conventional straight hoods.

Suspended island hood

A suspended island extractor hood is usually installed naturally above a central kitchen island and fixed directly to the ceiling. This very special suspended installation allows better air circulation, improves the aesthetics of the kitchen and saves space on the worktop. However, care must be taken to ensure the quality of the fixing.

Hood or visor extractor

A hood or visor extractor has a specific shape that allows it to cover a wider area than traditional hoods. They are particularly suitable if you tend to cook with a lot of fumes or if, for example, you prepare a lot of fried food. This is truly a professional hood, which is very useful if you have a large volume of cooking.

Ceiling hood

A ceiling extractor hood, as the name suggests, is fitted directly into the ceiling. This not only saves space, but also ensures better air circulation. What's more, this type of hood also offers an original aesthetic that will enhance your kitchen. The price, however, is generally higher than that of traditional hoods.

Drawer hood or telescopic hood

A drawer cooker hood or telescopic cooker hood is a type of cooker hood with a fairly innovative design. It is in fact a sort of extendable drawer that slides under a worktop or wall unit when not in use. This means that it doesn't detract from the aesthetics of the kitchen, while still providing an efficient extractor hood that folds out and out when needed.

Retractable cooker hood

A retractable extractor hood follows the same principle. It can be fitted into a kitchen cabinet and retracted when not in use. This saves space and preserves the aesthetics of the kitchen. 

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